Sunday, May 23, 2010

They Walk With My Heart.

Today marks the end of an era. The First National Tour of Spring Awakening winds to a close as the last show is performed in Orlando, Florida tonight. I wish I lived closer to Florida so I could see this show one more time before the end, but unfortunately I'll have to settle with imagining how powerful their last performance will be.
This show has had a huge impact on me. I heard about the show after the tour came and left Boston, so I had to settle for obsessively watching the cast's YouTube videos and following their blog. When I saw the show would be coming to Hartford, only an hour and a half away from me, I begged my mom to take me, and she obliged.
February 27, 2010. My entourage and I arrived at the Bushnell Theatre hours before the show would begin, because I was too excited to wait at my house any longer. I bought a shirt, and we went up to balcony where our seats were located. I was crazy excited to finally see this show that I'd fallen in love with already. When Christy Altomare took her place and began to sing "Mama Who Bore Me," I got chills. I got chills again during "Touch Me." I cried a bit during "The Dark I Know Well." Throughout the entire first act I was enthralled and amazed by the piece of art that I was witnessing.
Intermission. I babbled non-stop about how great the show was and how much I loved it, probably sounding like a crazed fan girl. I didn't care. The show was even better than I expected, and it got even better as Act Two unfolded. Watching the cast go wild during "Totally F*cked," I was sure that I was witnessing the most amazing thing I will ever see in a theatre. The a capella section of "Song of Purple Summer" brought me close to tears. Once the show was over, I just wanted more.
I had convinced my mom to let us go to the Stage Door, so we hurried out of the theatre and went around to meet the cast. We met Lucas Wells, Taylor Trensch, Andy Mientus, and Ben Fankhauser. I was beyond excited to finally meet these people who I'd watched on YouTube and who were part of one of the most beautiful and inspiring things I will ever see.
After seeing the show, some dreams of mine began to solidify. I'd always wanted to do something involving music with my life, but after seeing Spring Awakening I realized that I want to be involved with musical theatre. It is now my dream to play any part in Spring Awakening, and I hope I get to see this dream come true. Spring Awakening touched me, (pun somewhat intended) and I'm kind of regretting that I realized how amazing it was so late in the tour. After seeing Spring Awakening, I couldn't get it out of my mind. The storyline was relevant, heartbreaking, and best of all, believable. The music was a modern mix of beauty and raw emotion. And something about the show just stuck with me, and I don't think I'll ever forget my "awakening."
Pretty much the point of this blog is to say thank you. Thank you to the cast and crew of Spring Awakening for introducing me to my dream and adding to my love of theatre. Thank you for bringing the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced to life. Thank you for not losing an ounce of energy, even after performing the show so many times. Thank you for caring about your fans and posting countless YouTube videos and blog updates. Thank you for taking me on such a great journey with you in such a short span of time. Thank you for everything.
Congratulations on a great run, and best of luck to the cast for the future.

"Not gone, they walk with my heart, and I'll never let them go."